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    Anyone else getting this bug?

    ive been getting a bug recently, in some games sett's sound and audio interactions dont play when playing as him vs bots.... i dont know whats wrong i reinstalled the game 3 times already... anyone help?

    20 february 2020 18:01 77

    Well, im sure the guys at riot games know about this bug, but if you want to make sure you can write a letter to one of them support at their website

    21 february 2020 21:23 77

    i read that he has very few interactions, but i dont know if this applies to your situation

    21 february 2020 22:32 77

    never seen this bug before but i am sure that they will fix it soon

    22 february 2020 20:16 77

    i've got this once in a game when i played him but not vs bots its weird i think they fixed it tho

    23 february 2020 18:16 77

    maybe you have to reinstall

    26 february 2020 20:14 77

    Yeah..the idea is to re-install

    27 february 2020 16:12 77

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