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    So, i really need 3 cards to level up on Steam. In reward, if you give me them i will give you a game key to farm cards. Cards i am looking for: Monsiac Lines (Oddworld:Abe's Oddysey) He was a Shmuck (Oddworld:Abe's Oddysey) The Train (Oddworld:Abe's Oddysey)

    16 september 2017 18:49 1628

    why don't you go to the steam trading cards group, I recommend it highly since the group has over 1 million members and almost 200+ post for trading a day

    16 september 2017 19:47 1628

    @K00 im already in the group, posted a few times
    "4 shitty skins for 3 cards, A game key for a card"

    16 september 2017 21:45 1628

    if you need cards - buy it or use trade bot to exchange cards. your idea is to handle exchange outside of steam, so some one can be scammed easily. I've heard stories about idiots who sent things to their "friend" and never heard from him since then :)
    people don't trust in such deals, that's why you had no reply in group. use steamexchange bot

    17 september 2017 02:04 1628

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