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    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    (3.34/5) 1726 rates

    whats this game

    well who plays it in 2020

    15 february 2020 11:16 3433

    I have heard of it but never played it

    15 february 2020 11:17 3433

    If you've ever gone to your local store, maybe a Walmart or another equivalent superstore, you've likely seen all the trading card packs. One of the games in those packs is Magic The Gathering. MTG Arena is basically digital Magic. Free to play, and as someone who owns over 20,000 real-life cards, it's a pretty good adaptation.

    22 february 2020 06:31 3433

    Mtg arena is just the card game but online and oyu can play with anyone from around the world. Before playing it I would suggest playing the actual card game

    15 march 2020 13:23 3433

    It's also the successor to a series of other projects, some successful and some not so much - Legends was the last one, I believe.

    16 march 2020 02:21 3433

    Well it's alot easier to play magic digitally than on paper. You can find other players instantly and not have to call around friends who MIGHT be interested to play with you. So it's pretty reasonable to play MTG arena in 2020.

    3 april 2020 12:33 3433

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