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    Fake.... i hope it isn't too SHORT

    This app is actually so fake... i have made 5 win in war thunder (content mission) and my name the same like here and it has rejected :)))))))) my screenshot.... It happened with GoT and Warship level 5 too..... you shouldn't play for only gamehag because it's so fake.... i also opened 5 legendary chest and only steam random keys.... probably you can open only steam random key...... I also played with days with Guns of Glory and i have received reward for lvl 10 castle, but i cannot get reward for lvl 17 castle :) pretty nice from devs.... Don't waste your time with this...

    15 february 2020 10:22 1628

    This is not fake!

    15 february 2020 13:36 1628

    How about stop saying bullshit? you haven't got your prize then report it to misty she will definitely help you! I mean unless you want to play the lazy role and just say this website is **** without trying to solve your own problems, and about the chests it's just logical that the chests have small chance for the games since I mean the games cost thousands do you expect a 500 or so chest to give you that game?!

    15 february 2020 14:08 1628

    i can partially agree on this, as of recent my tasks keep getting rejected even tho i did everything the task asked me to do, what is going on?
    certainly though this did not happen before, a few months ago everything was working well

    15 february 2020 14:44 1628

    i really hope this gets fixed soon, also have you tried contacting misty?

    15 february 2020 14:45 1628

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