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    Natural disaster

    Does anybody know any tips for surviving in the game natural disaster survival? I want to reach 100 surivals

    13 february 2020 12:27 2173

    Many players have 50 and more survivals so i would like to know some tricks if you know guys.

    13 february 2020 12:28 2173

    if the fire is up, go to the grass, cuz fire can reach it, if the volcano starts, try to get on top of it. and about tsunami, you should always get as high as possible as lomg it is stable

    13 february 2020 12:37 2173

    Natural disaster is such an old game ive played it since i am 11 almost 4 years now man what a game such fun

    13 february 2020 12:40 2173

    During an earthquake stay away from glass because it damages you.

    13 february 2020 14:09 2173

    during a blizzard don't touch the snow that becomes part of the building because that's what damages you.

    13 february 2020 14:10 2173

    i would like to get robux

    13 february 2020 14:40 2173

    To be honest Natural Disasters kinda died off from the roblox community but it was a really fun game

    14 february 2020 17:38 2173

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