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    a perfect guide to exploiting

    since most people here dont know how to exploit and prob would like to on roblox ill tell you how but here are some requirements 1. the fact you accept getting banned and i have not gotten you banned by making this thread 2. you need a pc/laptop 3.a v3rmillion.net account so lets get into it most people wanna hack aka you if your reading this and maybe its to get back and somebody troll your friends or just to cause all out mayhem 1. if you want a free exploit go to wearedevs.net 2. disable full time protection in your settings by going to the windows search bar and typing full scan and open virus and threat protection and look for full time protection click it to turn it off as windows finds exploits as false positives and you cannot exploit unless you turn it off or whitelist the exploits folder that it is in 3. download the exploit my opinion for best is chaosityy or skisploit beware you need keys which means going through many pages to get a key generator to unlock the exploits 4. open the exploit if its proxo let it install 5. go to a game and look for a simple script on v3rmillion.net for example local tool1 = Instance.new("HopperBin",game.Players.LocalPlayer.Backpack) local tool2 = Instance.new("HopperBin",game.Players.LocalPlayer.Backpack) local tool3 = Instance.new("HopperBin",game.Players.LocalPlayer.Backpack) local tool4 = Instance.new("HopperBin",game.Players.LocalPlayer.Backpack) local tool5 = Instance.new("HopperBin",game.Players.LocalPlayer.Backpack) tool1.BinType = "Clone" tool2.BinType = "GameTool" tool3.BinType = "Hammer" tool4.BinType = "Script" tool5.BinType = "Grab" which gives btools but beware these only show for you 6. before you execute the script in the script executor inject the coding of the hack 7. enjoy but remember i am not held responsible for anything that happens to your account 8. becareful of who you tell and always use v3rmillion.net for scripts to exploit with

    12 february 2020 19:55 2173

    be sure to like as i spent like half an hour typing this out

    12 february 2020 19:56 2173

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