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    Big Farm Summary Guide - Reward: 55

    This article will help you accomplish this task much faster by giving several tips. This task is probably the easiest of the platform :)
    How to start?

    - Enter the game and register, collect the prize to confirm email and start.
    - First do the tutorial and after that you can build houses or other items and demolish them.

    How I can win easy XP ?

    - The easiest way to gain experience in the game is to do the tasks on the left side of the screen, each has its reward, look for the one that gives more experience and do it.
    - To do the tasks just click on "Ok", "Start" after this click on the arrow next to what needs to be done and do it. Then to collect it just go back to the task, and if it has a "right" is completed, click on it and "I want".

    With Rewards:

    - At each level you gain rewards which will make it even easier, one of the rewards is gold coins and with these coins you can buy for example surprise boxes where you can experience or accelerate construction / demolition processes.
    - There is also the option to join a cooperative, which has for example a championship of missions that offers several good rewards that also facilitate very level up, besides offering a better environment in the game, so you can play with several people and compete together.

    How I collect the reward on GameHag ?

    - To collect the reward on GameHag just go to "Get More"> "Complete Tasks"> "Big Farm"> "Complete Task", go back to Big Farm and take an entire print to your screen, go back to GameHag and put the print you have saved in the files on your computer.

            I hope you have enjoyed this little guide, but it is a summary of the game and since there is no article about this I decided to post.

    14 september 2017 17:20 1625

    Looks great

    10 march 2019 19:48 1625

    for what??

    11 march 2019 20:13 1625

    it helped me! thnx so much!

    16 march 2019 20:59 1625

    hy did you made a forum for that game

    16 march 2019 21:47 1625

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