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    For point and click fans : Deponia

    Deponia is a game where good puzzles and challenging minigames meet a great story. Being one of my favorite games Deponia: The Complete Journey which is a great trilogy tells a tale of an egotistical tinkerer who has high dreams and never wants to give up.

    Game starts with our protagonist's dream of reaching Elysium a place where all desire comes true. His main purpose is to leave the wasteland he was born in and the people who never appreciate his talents. While journeying Rufus the main character meets lots of colorful personalities which help them, usually by becoming a tool for him. Being very selfish Rufus leaves destruction to where ever he goes not caring consequences of his actions at all.
    After almost reaching his goal to Elysium he finds a girl named Goal and he fells in love with her his new objective is to bring Goal to Elysium with him who is hunted by Organon the military force of Elysium. He also learns new values along his adventure and becomes a little less selfish. This is as much as I can tell about the story without giving spoilers, but it's pretty exciting isn't it?

    As for game mechanics I love that you can easily navigate which objects you can interact by pressing space which highlights intractable parts of the game. As usual game gives you one objective after another, each one brining you closer to Elysium unless you fail, which happens a lot since Rufus is a very spontaneous and careless person. You will need your A game to use correct objects wisely, as some of them are not even necessary in the game yet it's not hard or time consuming to advance in the game also there are great walk-throughs available. There is also a very helpful to do list, Rufus keeps that you can use when you are lost in the game and trust me, you will get lost because it doesn't have a small map. Every game has 4 different locations you must travel with complex structures. Also, you can just use help me buttons which gives you good tips when you are stuck don't do this if you want to earn an achievement for not doing it though. You can also choose to skip mini games which is great if you wind up founding a type of game you don't like.

    The game has many jokes and goofy characters you are gonna love not to mention epic songs a guy plays after every chapter, which was the most I laughed watching the entire game. Game will always surprise and you never cease to amaze you, especially at the ending, but I am not gonna spoil it to you now you can go to the forums to complain like many others did after you finish the game. As a note, I want to suggest you buying it on sale as it gets the best discounted price. You can also play the first game to see if you like it before buying the trilogy in overall Deponia: The Complete Journey should provide you around 40 hours of fun.

    11 february 2020 19:45 1625

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