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    Is warframe a good game

    I have played it for a couple hours and I can confirm that it is a good game for any one looking for a syfy futuristic novel. Further more by looking at the steam statistics WARFRAME is always on the top 20 played games. If this isn't a proof that it's a good game to have, than I don't know how I can prove it

    14 september 2017 00:00 2154

    Any one disagree

    14 september 2017 00:00 2154

    if you are a third person shooter fan, yes it is

    24 may 2018 09:35 2154

    yeah its alright if you like that theme. Its also really good because its not pay to win as you can get everything just by playing

    25 may 2018 02:38 2154

    even if yu finished the story yu can still play it

    26 may 2018 00:58 2154

    Yes it is

    28 may 2018 00:26 2154

    It depends on how much time and/or money you want to put into it. I have a lot of experience in the game, and the only ways to get stronger are either long grinds for resources or paying money for plat to buy said resources from other players. If you want to spend lots of time grinding, you can get really good playing ftp. or, you can buy plat. IMO it's a great game and would reccomend to anyone who will pour time or money into a game.

    28 may 2018 07:43 2154

    Pretty good game overall, had to stop because my frames were so low it was unplayable.

    23 august 2018 22:38 2154

    good but lots of grind

    22 february 2019 13:52 2154

    Definetly, try it, u wont regret! 10/10 My rating.

    22 february 2019 16:56 2154

    Could be considered one of the best games that are free

    27 february 2019 15:35 2154

    i heard that it's a good game but actully idk

    8 march 2019 22:01 2154

    i played this game and its actually good

    11 march 2019 12:57 2154

    try this game guys its awsome those who played this game they can understand only

    11 march 2019 12:59 2154

    ITS very good, the only problem is the good computer requirement

    16 march 2019 11:08 2154

    it's a great game!

    18 march 2019 09:33 2154

    Its a great great game

    18 march 2019 13:54 2154

    Yeah it is an EXTREAMLY good game in my opinion. First of all its FREE, and for such a good and flexible game. Needless to say, Warframe is one of the Rare free games out there, much like fortnite or Apex Legends. But the thing that really went from Decent to Amazing is that its an Online RPG game, making it possible to play with others while doing missions and questing ect. And for new people to the game i can definetly recommened it. Its Free, Its Not Pay To Win and Its fun as Heck! :D

    20 march 2019 22:11 2154

    It is more damnable than Desteny 2, but at the same time, Desteny has normal pvp, which personally attracts me more than missions against bots.))

    21 march 2019 01:51 2154

    I don't think that anyone enjoying repetitive looter/shooter games would say that it's a bad game

    21 march 2019 06:16 2154

    no doubt a great game, I play it for a long time

    21 march 2019 11:17 2154

    i never forget when im playing this game before

    24 march 2019 03:52 2154

    It is, free players can actually even out with paying players.

    24 march 2019 03:54 2154

    I wouldn't even know where to start. From when I first recieved that email, my first initial thoughts were,"What is this game? Looks pretty cool, wait. You can do what?!-It's Free?" (This was when the open beta released). So I gave the game a download and the first thing I was greeted with once I got in the game was a wonderful view of every planet you could visit in the game. Of course at the time, most of the levels were of interior design.

    Still, once I actually got into the game though, I found it to be pretty interesting. Not only could you parkour your way through levels like a boss, but the whole slash and gun playstyle as badass space ninja's felt very nice. Especially when you nailed those slide kills!

    Once I learned about how the mod system worked, it opened it to many possibilities about how I wanted to handle enemys! (You had to find the cards off those you killed as loot, but hey! Fire katana with a gun that does freeze damage? Why the heck not!)

    As the game grew, it only got better! Compainions, environments, clans, ships, bosses, new weapons to earn- And I don't think I even mentioned it, you can earn just about anything in this game! If you got the patience and practice. Literally just about anything (except excalibur prime) can be earned.

    Seeing the potentinal in this game, I decided to donate $150 on the founders pack and have been playing ever since. Don't take just my word for it, give it a go! I'm sure you'll have some fun for awhile.

    29 march 2019 00:19 2154

    That’s a good way to put it.

    29 march 2019 04:24 2154

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