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    jeromepajo09 #1373 Pow12/24/2019 @everyone Announcement regarding all the people asking for robux and codes. Begging isn’t allowed, so please don’t do it. You can earn robux already at: https://blox.land/, there should be no need to ask here. Asking for codes is also against the rules, the owner will release codes whenever he wants to, so be patient for one to drop. Pow12/24/2019 @here Hi! I’d like to say that, keep every chat English only. It’s hard to moderate in languages you do not know, so this English only rule had to be implemented. Ty for understanding! Pow12/24/2019 @here For those asking for codes: Working codes: - Snowman - #promo-codes Pow12/25/2019 @here If you have issues with robux on the site like earning, not getting robux, I did a survey but didn’t get anything, then go to #faq first. Read that first then go to support if your problem continues. Pow12/25/2019 For members who’d like to host a giveaway. The following requirements must be met. 1 | Able to provide the prize. 2| Robux giveaway amount is above 100. 3 | Nitro giveaway must be in gift. 4| All giveaway will only have 2 re rolls. 5 | The hoster must also be able to give the prize within 24 hours after the giveaway ends. Failure the provide the giveaway prize will result in a ban from the server. Failure to meet the requirements will result in denial of your giveaway. NOTE: Big giveaways such as Nitro will have a everyone ping. Small giveaways will have a here ping. psyduckc_isback12/26/2019 Should i do a livestream today? @everyone psyduckc_isback12/26/2019 Do you guys want CAPTCHAS back? @everyone Pow12/26/2019 @everyone Remember, you get a special role for nitro boosting the server! Perks of nitro boosting: - Custom Colored role - Nickname change - External Emojis permission If you decide to boost, DM me with the hex code of your custom role. NOTE: Custom color role will be removed after your boost has expired. Ty! Pow12/30/2019 @everyone Do y’all want tatsumaki back? Tatsumaki is a bot. If the bot gets added, we’ll have a small system. You will be able to buy certain roles(2), with credits, and you can get one role by gaining exp. Pow12/30/2019 @everyone The bot has been added, you can check your ranks and stuff in #bot-commands by doing either t!top or t!rank. Active Role - You need to reach 35,000 exp to get this role. Credit Disciple - Costs 10,000 Credits Credit Master - Costs 25,000 Credits Each role has perks. If you are buying a role then dm me. (Credit Master has a choice of getting a custom colored role.) Pow01/11/2020 @everyone Hi, One of the mods recently suggested me to write this here, as for that I am writing it here. If you see someone selling or buying stuff, don’t ever buy or sell them stuff. It’s likely a scam, not even likely, it’s most likely a scam. There people whom seem to be asking for Roblox user and pass and other dangerous info, NEVER I repeat NEVER give them that info. Pow01/12/2020 @everyone Don’t DM a staff with small talk like, “Hi”. We aren’t here to have dm conversations with you. Also, if you have a question and you dm a staff, wait for a response, don’t spam their DMs. Don’t ping staff for no reason either, doing so will now earn you a 12 hour mute. psyduckc_isback01/12/2020 Should I do a livestream tomorrow where every time I get a kill in Arsenal I donate $1 to Australian Fire Fighters? https://twitter.com/business/status/1215791452179050497 React with :psyache: if you want the Australian Wildfires React with :psyfloat: if you want me to release a 1 r$ promocode every 10 minutes like the other livestreams @everyone Bloomberg (@business) More than 1 billion animals have now died from Australia's bushfires, including 8,000 koalas (via @quicktake) https://t.co/ugQhBjPV0m https://t.co/sCSECKB9VA Retweets 411 Likes 649 Twitter psyduckc_isback01/12/2020 ALSO, if you donate to the stream I will forward that donation to the Australian Wildfire and will give a free R$ promocode to everyone in the stream named after you! Pow01/12/2020 Respect + Pow01/15/2020 @everyone Just for fun, why not do a Poll? Who do you think is doing the best as a moderator? 🇦= Drea | @READ FAQ BEFORE MAKING A TICKET 🇧= Pika | @pikaduckc (not owner) 🇨= Noob | @ZmAzInG K0ya (BDA) 🇩= Bait | @Most Active bc i have no life Pow01/17/2020 @everyone Just a heads up, Discord recently introduced logging in via QR code, which is pretty handy when the desktop version randomly decides to log you out. However, a small exploit exists. NEVER and I mean NEVER scan a QR code for Discord-related gifts or prizes, including Nitro giveaways, through the Discord mobile app, EVER. You are NOT redeeming the "prize", you're giving someone FULL access to your account, regardless of 2FA. Until Discord adds a notice to their app, you'll have to be extremely cautious about this. PSA to the folks who are moderators in other servers: If you see someone posting a QR code in your server and claiming it gives Nitro, DELETE IT. Be sure to spread the word to everyone you know. This is a serious flaw with Discord's login system, and there's probably a lot of people losing accounts to this scam. On top of that, if anyone's trying to convince you to scan a QR code for a giveaway or whatever, please report them through here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000029731 Do not fall for this... psyduckc_isback01/27/2020 Rip Kobe Bryant 🙏 @everyone Pow01/29/2020 Change Log: Role Changes Some new staff/manager roles have been added, meaning new staff positions have been added. This doesn't concern the community, however, it's a chage thus it's here. New Staff/Manager roles include Administrator, Staff Manager, and Commuinity Manager. Bot Now for some fun stuff that does concern the community. A new bot made by me called Support has been added. It allows you to make a ticket for your issue and a staff will help you by having the bot DM you with a solution. USE THIS COMMAND IN #ticket-commands Main Command: t!ticket Usage: t!ticket (Issue) Example: t!ticket I finished a offer but it didn't give me points. Images - https://imgur.com/ Use t!help if you need more help. Please make sure you do not send dumb tickets, no joke tickets either. Sending a invalid ticket will result in a 3 day 12 hour mute. When using the command, you can provide proof or images. If you want to do that then upload your images to a site like imgur and link it, sending a image does not work. Only Linking the image will work. There will be more changes coming tomorrow. Thank you all for being such a great community. @everyone Imgur Imgur Imgur: The magic of the Internet psyduckc_isback01/30/2020 1 💸 REACTION = $1 Donation to support wildlife affected by the Australian Wildfires! I'll stop after one minute, go ham 😎 @everyone *** im going to go broke xD Ok it's been one minute, going to donate $179! Done 🙂 PowToday at 4:12 AM @everyone Hi! Due to some obviously not smart people in #ticket-commands whom continuously used !ticket command when the real command is t!ticket. Due to that reason, I’ve changed the bot’s prefix to ! now to clear up the confusion because people clearly can’t use their eyes and read. Someone already didn’t read and messed up, let me clear this up. The command is now !ticket. 

    11 february 2020 04:28 2173

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