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    Pinewood Builders on Roblox

    Pinewood Builders, easily the most sophisticated group of players on roblox. With over 140k+ active members, it has surely dug it's foundation in roblox groups. With many games, a security team, and even a rival group to the security team, it's not hard to know about this group. everything was made by Diddleshot and was improved by him and many developers who asserted themselves along the way.

       The most known game of all of them is Pinewood Builders Computer Core, where you explore a supercomputer and attempt to keep it stable. Changing core power and swapping around coolant, it is very easy to get distracted by the many sections of the facility. Some of these sections include the core itself, where a high amount of radiation makes it impossible to enter without a special hazmat suit, and if the core is above 3000 degrees, one of the suits will burn up! Just outside the core is a control panel, where you can insert a code, then you have to insert another code, and then a THIRD code, only 11 people plus Diddleshot himself know the third code. Many wonder what lies behind the third panel... Another section is the train network, witch can be used to supply coolant and get to the launch silos in case the core temp exceeds 4000 degrees positive or negative. 

       Another important thing about the core is the raiders, The Mayhem Syndicate. More commonly known as TMS, they are another group made by Diddleshot who are dedicated to destroying the core by causing meltdowns and freezdowns across the different servers. They also have a permanent presence outside of the core as well, with the activity center of the Pinewood Builders Security Team (PBST) even having a TMS bunker. Members of TMS can be set to have red name tags which signals to PBST that they are KOS, Kill On Sight! However, many PBST members are also part of the Syndicate, and use !setgroup PBST to remove the red nametag, they also do it the other way around during raids on the core to signal their side. 

       The previously mentioned PBST have many games of their own, such as PBST activity center. They have a simple system of points which are collected at trainings in games like the activity center, 0 points = trainee, just a simple baton. 100 points = tier 1, trainee except with a gun, and so on and so forth with the best rank being Trainer, where all current Trainers must vote for you to become one. The PBST have special rooms in every game where PBST members get their outfits and hats to signify that they are PBST without using a nametag. 

       PBST and TMS have had a long rivalry spanning several games and it can be hard to keep up with the latest events, thats why the pinewood builders official group keeps people up to date about the newest events, that being raids and trainings. The official group is also a place to discuss things about Pinewood Builders, and People have often discussed what happened in a raid or a training or things they don't understand, which is why both PBST and TMS have a handbook explaining almost everything about that group.

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