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    big scam

    this is a scam real one

    13 september 2017 14:40 2208

    I don't know if it's a scam but I did as asked and got a level 10 citadel BUT I HAVEN'T RECEIVED ANY THING it might be a regional issue so it only works on certain parts of the world or a synchronization problem what ever it might be they have to give us the rewards for it's not fair to spend hours on some thing and than get nothing

    15 september 2017 13:08 2208

    gamehag should check these reports and ban them for ignoring our participation in such huge 7 days active and for nothing :/

    15 september 2017 14:02 2208

    Don't you have to take a screenshot and send it to them?

    16 september 2017 07:58 2208

    Whoops nevermind I am a massive retard.

    16 september 2017 07:58 2208

    I received the reward after reporting the issue got 1094 SG

    21 september 2017 19:16 2208

    U have to send the screenshot after u get a message in ur mailbox

    21 september 2017 19:18 2208

    If we didn't get any message?

    24 september 2017 05:09 2208

    When scroll down the wall of terror page in ur browser at the bottom of the last contact they ask if u have any issues with ur task
    That's where I reported and got a message in my inbox I sent them some pictures like they said (level of citadel ; name of my city and the app on my phone
    A day later I got my soul gems and a message in my inbox about it
    If that helped you let me know

    24 september 2017 13:20 2208

    Am still able to comment

    25 september 2017 23:58 2208

    How can I send them screenshots of my citadel

    2 october 2017 11:36 2208

    Take a screenshot, upload it somewhere and send it to them

    Or so I think.

    6 october 2017 22:59 2208

    Haha never doing this again

    18 october 2018 12:34 2208

    Good to know it has been solved skybrf.

    5 february 2019 21:57 2208

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