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    An underrated game : Age of Wonders III

    Age of wonders 3 which is the younger brother of more known age of wonders Planetfall is one of my favorite games ever. It's an rpg adventure taking place in 4x strategy game where every choice you make matters!

    One of the best things I like about age of wonders 3 is that its races and classes are very balanced. No faction (race or class) is overpowered so you don't get an unfair advantage or lose it. Some races and classes receive bonuses against other races and classes, though, but they receive disadvantage over others making faction decision have a major impact in the game. Also a good amount of factions and their varying attributes makes the game more playable, you spend hours mastering each faction.

    Having the options of faster tactical combat and faster time option (faster research, faster unit training, faster resource gathering) is a blessing and a rare treat in 4x games so you can choose the best pace for yourself. Also, different units have unique abilities this makes combat very fresh and non-repetitive. It also makes the opponents moves more predictable though. Heroes are not so important in this game compared to other 4x games. You can even auto combat battles which is awesome.

    Another thing is economy management isn't hard there is only 2 resource type available so you can spend less time on economy managing and more time battling. Building strategies are also more based on the amount of turns to construct rather than the amount of resources spent. 
    The resourse names are gold and menu which can be found on the strategic map and you can build bases or town centers near them, which grant borders and when you upgrade these borders you will have even more resources in your domain increasing your income even more. This also gives the game a little bit of territorial claim tactics flavor.

    Sadly, these features bring a drawback which is your opponents can build excessive town centers, allowing spamming units and allowing to control distant resources that you neglected for its ridiculously small value and you don't like grinding in strategy games to win. If there were a Town center and base count this drawback would be eliminated immediately.
    Lack of choke points also annoys the player in the game as your opponents can flee their bases upon your armies arrival and cross mountains to surprise attack your base causing a longer annoying match. Hopefully since this is also grinding only AI does this. I have never encountered this in online games, but some trolls might take advantage of this situation sadly. You could use turn timers to prevent grinding on multiplayer as well as single player games, although this might cause AI to do only grinding and leave you with a weak pathetic opponent.

    Here is a picture of the game:

    8 february 2020 14:31 1625

    I like AoW3 , but I like HoMM3 & 4 a lot more.

    8 february 2020 16:17 1625

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