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    War Thunder

    (4.39/5) 12942 rates

    Play and get

    2500 5500
    Soul Gems

    For 4 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    IS this game worth playing?

    I am wondering if this F2P game worth downloading cause its 16.5 GB.So is this game fun or just boring?

    10 september 2017 13:19 11

    Good game

    11 september 2017 21:35 11

    this game is awesome if u like the planes and tanks and if u dowload it from hear u can receive some soul games that can be very usefull

    12 september 2017 16:23 11

    its very good game but it need grinding

    13 september 2017 18:08 11

    Ok i am downloading it

    13 september 2017 18:09 11

    This game is brilliant!! I mean really i think is one of the best games here. It's worth every GB of space :))

    13 september 2017 22:14 11

    It's not bad, it has some unique mechanics that you won't find in other games in the similar genre.

    16 september 2017 22:57 11

    What about gameplay? I've been playing "Blazing Angels 2" for some time, it was awesome but it works only in Windows XP. Since i changed my PC i've been trying to find a worthy substitute to it. Does the controls have a good response or the gameplay is unconfortable?

    19 september 2017 04:03 11

    ofcourse try it

    30 september 2017 16:00 11

    Play it. It's got great graphics, great soundtrack and not that bad mechanics. To be fair, not my type of game but I think you'd like it

    6 october 2017 23:05 11

    Yes, the game very much worth playing, it's super fun to play even when your playing solo.

    16 may 2020 13:56 11

    If you enjoy tanks and aircraft (naval is kinda dead) it is good. Especially the Realistic battles is a fun balace between arcade and complete simulator experience, it has many vehicles from WW2 up to Vietnam Era, so you should absolutely give it a shot!

    16 may 2020 20:25 11

    to be honest I was just doing this for the would gems, but after a while it is really fun and i came to enjoy it a lot

    17 may 2020 21:59 11

    Yes it is great. The tasks are simple and easy and it gives you a sh*t load of gems. Really reccomend. It also is not that bad and pretty fun. I was decently entertained while doing it.

    21 may 2020 01:55 11

    if you have patience and dont get angry easly try it out

    24 may 2020 10:51 11

    It totally worths. It's very good.

    24 may 2020 12:19 11

    It's fun, the grindiness can be annoying but the historical vehicles are a blast

    26 may 2020 07:11 11

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