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    Who else? GOES FOR DAYS! Tell your experience about your first reward you've picked yourself.

    7 september 2017 19:54 1628

    First one was a skin I got from a chest, got delivered in a day. Second one was a 5€ Steam gft card, ordered 20 days ago and still waiting.

    7 september 2017 20:07 1628

    Got my game now =), just go to marvelous discord and explain the situation to gamehag staff, sometimes they will have to restock rewards, so it can take a while.

    7 september 2017 20:58 1628

    I just wrote to Gamehag's contact e-mail, hopefully they'll help there. If not, I'm gonna try that Discord.

    7 september 2017 21:13 1628

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