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    is this game hard for you or easy?

    if its easy for you whats your highest score? if its hard for you do you have fun by playing the game?

    30 january 2020 10:20 2763

    I deleted this game years ago. I still remember 3 starring a map blind because apparently your fingers can sense black light. Amazing huh..

    30 january 2020 10:26 2763

    It's hard and easy. I like being challanged but it's a bit boring so I uninstalled it years ago

    31 january 2020 01:48 2763

    Like these guys, yeah I uninstalled the game. Sometimes it was hard as I remember right, but it was fun for a few times. That's good too.

    31 january 2020 13:12 2763

    Easy my kids play it

    31 january 2020 17:01 2763

    bella if you didnt played it before you cant just tell if my kids plays this game it should be easy firstly try it yourself then answer

    31 january 2020 17:02 2763

    its easy :D

    1 february 2020 10:17 2763

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