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    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an RPG based game for players who like driving, and for the players who are really patient to get to the point. It is also a low end game and can be run on most of low end PC's and even laptops. As introduction I will just say that in first you are driver who works for other companies and later when you earn money you will buy your trucks and create your own companies.


    Let's start of with graphics for now so you can see how beautiful this game is and can you run it. The game has it's good and bad quality you can choose in the settings. You can change resolution, disable shadows or change their quality, disable bloor and texture around you. You can make the game look exactly how you want it to look. It's not hard to do it. I am now going to show you minimum system requirements for the game and graphics comparison.

      • OS: Windows 7
      • Processor: Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz
      • Memory: 4 GB RAM
      • Graphics: GeForce GTS 450-class (Intel HD 4000)
      • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space

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    Game looks nicer in other POV's but in here it's not looking so good. When you travel thru the forests you can see how good it accually looks.


    In the game at start you are just a driver who works for other companies, you can choose in what city you will work (you will travel to other cities in that country). As a starter you will get low distance jobs and you are not going to be payed a lot, but more you do it, more you earn. You can choose what kind of goods you will transfer and every company has its truck you choose one you like. When you earn enough, it is most likely around 80,000$ you can buy yourself a truck and work for it. When you drive for some jobs, you have to be careful not to hit your truck because you are going to pay for everything that happens to the truck, only not gas because it's not your truck. If it's your truck you are going to pay everything for yourself. The goods you are transporting also has it's quality so you have to be careful not to do anything to it because you are going to get payed less. Also don't drive too fast, on the minimap you will see how fast you can go, or else you are going to pay the punishment to the police.


    There are lots of kinds of trucks. You have all licensed brands like MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA and more. Every truck has it's quality, if you hit it a little bit it's not going to lose it's quality really easy like 60,000$ trucks. Once you bought a track you can change it's color and you can even make it better, like you do in GTAV with cars. Every truck has it's max speed and as I said before don't go too fast because there is police. Also if you hit a car you will pay to police as well.
    Slikovni rezultat za euro truck simulator 2 trucks list


    Multiplayer mode is accually fun mode where you can see other players playing around. You can get chased by police there, also other players can hit you but they are going to pay everything what they did to you. You can play with your friends, if you choose the same direction you can go with them and drive exactly next to them. Believe me, it's really fun. You can download dll's so your game will be better. It adds more trucks, countries, places, skins to the game.

    I don't know what else to say about the game, I did my best too make it look fun and cool. Thanks for reading it if you did :))

    28 january 2020 10:21 1625

    i like this game

    2 february 2020 23:44 1625

    Use mod to imporve the quality of this game , like ATS

    3 february 2020 03:57 1625

    What about Farming simulator

    3 february 2020 05:05 1625

    Pretty good game not gonna lie

    3 february 2020 10:08 1625

    ok imma lock this post so u dont shitpost anymore

    3 february 2020 15:55 1625

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