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    What rewards are yo going for? im going for a 5€ card and cs:go so i can bring my old steam account to live agian. I'm just stuck on 7.2k as im out of offers xD just about 1.5k left of points. So whats ur goals?

    3 september 2017 21:13 1628

    Well i have 3 active steams 1 main and 2 for farming with a lots of games in them. My origin is also pretty full lol , idk rlly for what im going here, i got 3 games from here [trashy but with cards]. Probably will take Bad company 2 if the key is Steam only coz i have it on origin. Why im still here - idk, met few rlly nice ppl here also the support is cool, not bad place for wasting time 🙂

    3 september 2017 21:29 1628

    im going soon for csgo :D

    3 september 2017 21:30 1628

    i want a steam 5$ wallet

    3 september 2017 22:00 1628

    I will for something cheap I orderd hitman 5 now and then something between 3000 - 4000 gems

    3 september 2017 23:02 1628

    I got The Witcher 3 and don't really have any plans for whats next... possibly steam wallet.

    4 september 2017 13:35 1628

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