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    League of Legends

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    Why is Riot constantly nerfing Akali?

    I understand why some people think Akali is overpowered but this just doesn't make any sense. Akali is just getting nerfed over time without proper reason. I personally would delete or rework champion. Akali is the hardest macro champion in the game. She is op in high elos and troll pick in low elos just rework champion already

    20 january 2020 01:06 77

    Because faker playing this champ too much and destroyed rank

    20 january 2020 08:03 77

    Because it's not fun to be 1 shot by an assassin with no chance to hit her back in her shroud.

    20 january 2020 11:12 77

    Akali is a balnced champion its just people who can use her effectively can stomp lane with her and those who dont know how to play against her just greif lane and complain. At the end of the day she is an assasin so she does well early game, the problem is she is also an ap assasin so she does not fall off like the talons or zeds of the game. If she was more of a hybrid damage champion like before her rework she wouldn't be able to solo carry mid game.

    22 january 2020 00:24 77

    Çünkü örtüşüne geri vurma şansı olmayan bir suikastçı tarafından 1 vuruş yapmak eğlenceli olmuyor

    22 january 2020 19:46 77

    because she is broken even with all the nerfs :))

    22 january 2020 22:37 77

    Akali was very good, but not now.

    23 january 2020 07:40 77

    Akali mains are so strong :> thats why they nerfing it . They think the champion isn't balance but the players is just strong :>

    23 january 2020 07:54 77

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