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    10 hours later the problem persists [Login Souls]

    I just hope I do not lose the benefit that you get by taking continuous days with the login and that can solve the problem.

    28 august 2017 10:26 1628

    Same here, no login souls
    Also no SG from any offers ever
    Plus XP seems stuck at 86% preventing me to advance to lvl3 and claim my rewarded game thats sitting in my inventory
    No replies on 2 articles i wrote

    Only the frontpage advertised games(2 not working for me), plus some (not even all) minigames seem to give me SG

    28 august 2017 14:59 1628

    Yeah, I even have daily login rune active FeelsBadMan

    28 august 2017 19:25 1628

    @zzzczzzc Stop lying bro

    28 august 2017 19:45 1628

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