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    Tasks 1, 2 & 3 (as of Jan 2020) and advices

    Task 1 : Unlock the second Warframe
    Task 2 : Finish the quest "The Archwing"
    Task 3 : Upgrade a weapon level 6

    Now, should you do the tasks for this game ? Currently, I would say no, unless you want to give the game a try anyway. If you're in only for the gems, you should probably forget about it, at least for now. It seems to me that there was a mistake in the order of the tasks, that task 1 and 3 should be inverted.

    First, a tip to move faster : Crouch then jump for a leap towards the direction you're aiming at. Keep doing that (also roll while in the air), and you'll go much faster. Still try to at least open the caches and gather the resources on your way though, you'll need it (and other players won't always rush that much, there's no point in leaving them behind. Sometimes it can even only slow things down).

    Unlocking your first warframe will take time. Rhino being the easier one, but it will still take time. You have to craft the Rhino systems, chassis and neuroptics (that you need to farm on the boss "Jackal", on Venus), which all take 12 hours (fortunately, you can craft several things at once), and then crafting Rhino itself (blueprint to buy in the market with IG currency) will take 72 hours (3 days). You can speed up that last craft with the 50 platinium you get for free (premium money, although it can be exchanged, so full F2P is possible), BUT keep in mind platinium is valuable, so you will regret it if you end up deciding to keep playing Warframe.

    Anyway, that's only for the crafting part, but before that you will have to unlock several planets, so that you can reach Phobos, where you can farm Plastids, needed for a Rhino part.
    Unlocking a planet requires to clear the missions on the way to the junction to said planet, AND completing all the tasks the junction requires to be activated. Of course, it will be faster with other players than alone. Especially to farm the Rhino parts, you will have a lot of trouble there if you go alone and unprepared.

    For task 2, well, the quest will be available long before you're done with task 1.
    And for task 3, don't worry about the level of the weapons you carry, you can search in the market for other weapons to craft. There are some you can even buy right away. Write "mk1" in the search field for several weapons you can buy without having to craft anything.

    FINALLY : I may answer some questions, but keep in mind that there's a Warframe Wiki, where you will be able to get many answers already.
    Also, Warframe's community is one of the best I have ever seen, you can ask them too (still try to check the wiki first though). Just remember to be polite (people ain't your pet. Not that your pet deserves to be treated like **** either anyway), and to say "thanks" when they have been helpful (or even tried to be, but failed). Such things are the reasons why it makes sense for them to help others. Believe me, if everyone cared about that, there would be much more people helping others. Helping you.
    Thank you for thinking about that ;)

    4 january 2020 13:20 2154

    good game

    18 january 2020 06:14 2154

    Reaching Venus is pretty easy, farming Rhino parts blueprints just takes 8-10 rounds, 1 mission takes max 5 minutes to do. You can farm plastids from Cetus bounties, 20% and 15% chance to get 200, you need 600 overall, so its pretty easy to farm. Also control module, morphics and gallium can drop from Cetus bounties as rare, you can find gallium, morphics on mars, neurodes, rubedo on earth. You only have to wait 12 hours for every part, then the 72 hours for Rhino to finish or oyu can speed up with platinum. You can even ask people to help you farm them and they will take you to another planet, even if you couldnt go there by yourself. The game is fun so it wont feel like a big grind. Warframe community is really helpful and friendly and the game is actually 100% free to play, you can get anything by playing the game.

    24 january 2020 14:23 2154

    Farming rhino parts would more be an average of 6 runs. Got lucky personally though and got them all in 3 runs. When unlucky however (and it's statistically 'impossible' it didn't happen to anyone), it can take 20+ runs (27 +/- 9 for 99%, 99.9%, 99.99% chance, according to wiki. So 36 runs for 99.99%, it statistically happened, since it would be 1/10k people. Not that unlikely among a entire community).

    True for the plastids, but that's on pool C only. From what I gathered, if it's not pool C, you have to wait for the next day to begin, which is once every 2.5 hours. It can be a problem for some people. I'd say being taxied by someone (which I forgot to talk about last time. I focused first on advices for people that would want to play the game solo or without rushing things) is still much better. More consistent, too. Would need to check but I'd say you can easily get 300 with 15 defense waves on Helene, Saturn, which takes about 15 minutes. Quite some luck is required to make bounties faster. And for solo players, don't forget they may not have fast means of travel. Bounties can be a pain, too, when you're new.
    In short, I'd say bounties aren't the way to go for most people, although nice to keep in mind ;)

    About speeding up the rhino craft, I talked about it : You can, BUT if there's the slightest chance you keep playing the game, I do NOT recommend it. It's an awful way to use platinium. Probably the worst.

    ONE LAST THING : I noticed some time after I created this topic that people with Twitch Prime can get a free warframe (Ember), without even needing to craft it (may have to wait for Darvo to tell them about it though, I don't know).

    Thanks for adding advices :)

    EDIT : Fun or not, no game fits to everybody ;) And with gamehag, people won't always play a game because they think they will like it (although they may still be ending up liking it anyway).

    24 january 2020 17:37 2154

    And for task 3, don't worry about the level of the weapons you carry, you can search in the market for other weapons to craft. There are some you can even buy right away. Write "mk1" in the search field for several weapons you can buy without having to craft anything.

    24 january 2020 20:24 2154

    Nice try @aswae, but that's spam, a copy/paste from my own comment.

    25 january 2020 11:35 2154

    I have a questions. So my task is being reject like a 2-3 times now, can it be because level of Rino higer than 0, because I don't wanna create a new account.

    21 february 2020 21:46 2154

    No. Make sure that your your username is visible, and if it is, send your screenshot to Misty (some answers will allow you to actually write to someone. I usually use the path that ends by "technical issue / problem" (don't remember which) > Other. You can only send your screenshot that way once it has been rejected by the normal way though, else they will just tell you to send it the normal way first).

    If they reject the screenshot, then it's much more likely to be a for an actual reason (saying "much more likely" only to make sure, but the only time they rejected a screenshot for me, it turned out there indeed was an issue. ... Well, they also rejected it when I tried to send my screenshot to them right away, but that's something else).

    As for the previous questions...

    @viktior8, this is completely out of subject. This is a topic about Warframe tasks, not an FAQ.
    "Yeah but that's only one question"
    If I answer to you, how many more will come to flood the topic with out of subject questions ?

    And @raiyanshadow, that's a very basic question, which you could have the answer for already if you read the info the site provides. Especially since the answer is the same for any game, which makes on top of that your question quite out of topic as well.
    Sure, I could have just answered "yes" or "no" and be done with it, it would have been shorter for us both (although I doubt you will see this anyway because of how the site is made, but it can still apply to some others that would read that). But you wouldn't have had the occasion to think by yourself (and there's the out of topic part I already explained above). I'll tell you that the answer lies in the page of any game that has tasks. You can also think about how and why there are tasks in the first place.

    22 february 2020 14:45 2154

    Thank you for this! This is extremly helpful

    25 february 2020 04:36 2154

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