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    How to get your article accepted ???

    I wrote 2 awesome articles and they didnt accepted cesause of something

    1 january 2020 22:29 1628

    did you insert pictures in the article to support what you are writting?
    was the article original?
    was the topic something that has not been done to death?
    was there structure?
    was there grammar issues?

    if you did all of these, i don't understand how it could get rejected :-D

    1 january 2020 22:37 1628

    Maybe the community was just disliking it

    1 january 2020 23:03 1628

    Everything about it is fine
    Im very upset cause it got rejected

    2 january 2020 22:55 1628

    I'm writing articles about games that don't get played a lot because there's a LOT to write about there

    2 january 2020 23:40 1628

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