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    Is elon musk's new car cool?

    I think it iw

    31 december 2019 09:49 1628

    if its that cyber truck you are talking about then it is a pretty far out thing. not to everyones taste. i think the new Tesla Roadster will be the best yet. i think the cybertruck is pretty far out though

    31 december 2019 13:01 1628

    The Cybertruck looks different but I think there are better electric trucks out there like R1T or R1S from Rivian. Can the Tesla do tank turn? It can't. It looks cool though but that's about it. Now take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzwM8KE2L3I

    That's a real electric truck. Bring it to the mud zone. Not just driving in the city to get attention. Elon has lots to learn from Rivian. Better copy stuff before they lose the competition.

    31 december 2019 14:00 1628

    my friend create a 3d model car and it's more better then Elon's car,, but I still prefer cyber truck cuz elon musk is a weaboo lool

    31 december 2019 16:43 1628

    it serves the purpose and the price is perfect for the benefits of a pickup truck

    1 january 2020 05:05 1628

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