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    What's the easiest way to make gems?

    What the title says

    30 december 2019 22:57 1628

    playing game or watching adds in your phone

    31 december 2019 00:50 1628

    get the moblie app and watch ads, you can get a decent amount of sc daily and its a nice little boost while waiting for tasks to be accepted :)

    31 december 2019 00:53 1628

    The easiest way in my opinion is to simply play games on gamehag that interest you, as the more you like the game the faster time will fly.

    31 december 2019 01:21 1628

    For me, it's appzone,you need to watch ads to get sg and u can get up to 100 sg for 50 min (Maximum)

    31 december 2019 03:06 1628

    For me it's definetly the "Games" section. I have already earned over 10.000+ Soul Gems from there in a week or less. So if you like playing games, you can do some of them ;)

    31 december 2019 07:55 1628

    yep appzone for video soul gems and play games to level up and do as many offers as possible for gems

    31 december 2019 12:59 1628

    I tried minigames, but today I noticed there is a maximum daily (around 200 or so) I guess it is not really worth using Hgn runes to play minigames.... I wonder if it is always 200

    31 december 2019 14:08 1628

    So watching ads and playing games. What games you suggest?

    31 december 2019 14:49 1628

    Sorcerer works well for me. It does take some time, but I think I can get to the cap during this holidays. some tips when playing sorcerer:

    *the 25k, 50k, 75k (...) tresholds sometimes glitches and does not get registered by the app. if you hit them and not get the message rewarding the SG, close the app and open it again.

    * Do not count on the bonus after clearing the level 3. The game only registers your score as rewardable just after popping the colered ball s once. So even if you score 50k after clearing the level 3, you probably wont be rewarded

    *The minigames apears to have a daily cap of 200 SG

    this game glitches and breaks in so many ways... it is hard to describe, but I think I am almost mastering it.

    31 december 2019 17:05 1628

    wow these comments help

    31 december 2019 17:18 1628

    happy new year guys

    1 january 2020 07:03 1628

    For me it's app zone and creating articles,btw happy new year guys

    1 january 2020 15:59 1628

    Happy new year everybody and also i thinks sorcerer is one of the best ways to get soul gems but im new to the app so i need to discover more ways to get sgs easy so can yall get me some tips please

    1 january 2020 22:03 1628

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