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    Free(GOG) - Tower of Time

    https://www.gog.com/ Tower of Time is free here. About 46 hours left from now. Go grab it if you want it.

    30 december 2019 16:21 1628

    I didn't had this one. I had the previous two though. Wasteland 2 on GOG and Steam, Postal 2 on Steam along with Paradise Lost DLC. There's also a couple new GOG Connect titles as well. Check those out as well. You might have Chasm from Humble Choice. It's always nice to have a game DRM-Free.

    This should be the last GOG giveaway for this sale though. This year Epic Store had more free games this holiday season though. Today they have Hello Neighbor and tomorrow there will be one of the Yooka Laylee games. Do not forget to grab those as well.

    30 december 2019 20:19 1628

    Thanks! Having free games to choose from is always nice. :)

    31 december 2019 15:58 1628

    Thanks! This game is awesome.

    1 january 2020 00:58 1628

    thanks bro!

    1 january 2020 05:03 1628

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