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    Has anyone else been unable to receive their game keys lately ?

    First, let's point out that there are two ways the keys can be displayed. One way is directly in the inventory, just like any game I've received in monthly chests so far. The other way, which is the one that I'm having issues with, opens a new page where it's supposed to display the key. Except that... Well, here are the games I've tried to buy this last month :

    • AC (Assassin's Creed) Syndicate
    • AC Revelations
    • AC Rogue
    • Dishonored 2

    For each of these games (and I tried 3 times with AC Syndicate), I had a button to open a new page, which showed that instead : https://imgur.com/s4zijYG
    Fortunately I was, at least, instantly refunded. But, well, it's pretty useless to gather SG if I can't use them.

    First time it happened was 27 days ago. Has anyone else had that issue as well ?

    30 december 2019 13:39 1628

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