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    Are you excited about the new Minecraft nether update?

    If you don't know, Minecraft decided to update the boring nether and added biomes to it the first introduced is sandsoul valley. sandsoul valley is made out of sandsoul and has blue fog in the distance and blue fire it also has gigantic fossils everywhere and it looks kinda creepy. next is the Netherwart Forrest the red one is filled with red like grown netherwarts and it looks really cool the blue one looks just as good as the red one and you can easily get lost at the Netherwart Forrest. The other update to the nether are the new mobs. the first mob added is temporarily called the Piglin Beast it is described as aggressive and it looks like a hog but much more dangerous it is also the source of food in the nether. the other mob introduced are the piglin mobs, piglins are like the villagers to the nether that are more aggressive you can trade with them. That's all I know about the nether update

    30 december 2019 08:32 6869

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