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    My screenshot got rejected because I wasn't in a "new account".

    I don't get this, I never played World of Warships before, and I only started making an account for the game just so I can complete the tasks. I reached Level 5 "Free XP", screenshotted it including the timestamp, and then uploaded it here. However, 1 day later, I got a notification saying my task got rejected because it wasn't on a new registered account, which is simply not true.

    29 december 2019 07:32 6547

    Try upload it again,it happened on me too

    29 december 2019 08:39 6547

    try contacting support

    11 january 2020 15:15 6547

    They rejected me lot of screenshot... and I dont know why.

    12 january 2020 09:27 6547

    Don't bother trying again and send a ticket to Misty instead whevener such a thing happens (there are a few answers that allow to actually write something). However, if they say that was in issue with the registration of your account, then that's true (or at least, most likely), but they should give some advice too, at least. Like disabling ad-blockers during registration. Although I'd say it must be more common to fail because people didn't use gamehag's link to create their account, or they didn't click the link to confirm their email (if you did, by the way, you may want to try again. Maybe by disabling ad-blockers, just to be sure).

    14 january 2020 14:04 6547


    12 february 2020 09:49 6547

    Gamehag should improve on that

    12 february 2020 16:25 6547

    upload again?

    23 february 2020 02:30 6547

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