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    What ship is the best in World of Warships ???

    Which ships are better? Soviet, American, Japanese .... And what boat??? (Name the ship and whos ship are the best (Soviet...))

    25 december 2019 23:48 6547

    tbh soviet are the best. american boats sucks but their tanks are powerful

    29 december 2019 12:02 6547

    yeah its so cool
    im love it Premium ship

    4 january 2020 13:06 6547

    This game's graphics are awesome. Only if I had so much storage space left to download this game. ☹

    9 january 2020 12:05 6547

    I don't know what ship is the best! I think that they are all equally good, wonderful, beatiful and amazing

    27 march 2020 18:59 6547

    the soviet are the best

    27 march 2020 20:42 6547

    Soviet ships is good, you can bow tank to other ships but u cannot show your broadside to the enemy because your side armor is so thin (not thicc enough)
    but have a limited consumable,so u must really really understand where & when u use the consumable(for battleships)
    American ships is balance.. because they have a good AA guns & good accuracy main guns. but the weak is they cannot tanking so muck damage.
    German ships is really really tank especially the BB is really good for close range and have a thick armor, the weak is the deck armor is not good. u can get heavily damage from plane when attacking the deck armor with a dive bomber(for battleships and crusier)
    Japanese ships is good to, they have a long range for main guns and larger caliber to the other ships. the weak is they cannot fight at close range, because the armor is not thick (for crusier) and have a big profile (for Battleships)
    United Kingdom ships is fine, they have big fire chance so u can fire the enemy ships very easily and have a super heal when u heal ur ships can restore half of the damage you receive. and the armor is thin even a battleships
    *Note: that's all from my playing experience from the beginning until now. if there is something incomplete please add it yourself :)

    28 march 2020 12:12 6547

    i like this game

    28 march 2020 13:15 6547

    Very nice

    31 march 2020 20:16 6547

    it is a great opportunity for me to play for the club and I am sure that the team are in good form and we are going through the first half

    1 april 2020 12:55 6547

    hey misty did you know that there is skin in cs go the same name as yours????????

    1 april 2020 15:07 6547

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