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    Hello everyone read this...

    Do you want more exp? Then do this: 1.Everyday type a maximum of 5 comments. 2.Be writing few forums. Do you want more soul gems? Then do this: 1. Press the "GET MORE" Soul Gems(S.G.) tab then press games or come here : https://gamehag.com/games - to get more soul gems by playing games. 2.Get S.G. also by completing contracts on the contract page come here : https://gamehag.com/wall/24 - you can choose between 4 pages wall of the universe, wall of terror, wall of anxiety, and wall of fear. 3. This one is very hard - the guessing game. (You have to be on level 3 to play this) 4.I personally love this one because it is pretty easy you do not need level 3 or S.G. all you need is Wi - Fi and a phone, tablet, or IPad. I usually go to Appzone(you need to download the app first) and watch ads and I have gotten over 200 S.G. just by doing that! I hope you like this short article remember to rate it 5/5 GG. Bye bye

    25 december 2019 10:07 2281

    Thx it is really helpfull

    1 january 2020 10:30 2281

    thanks tips

    1 january 2020 14:06 2281

    Thx pro

    2 january 2020 21:09 2281

    thank you but I want to ask you did you steal this ?

    2 january 2020 22:06 2281

    Hello :-P:-P

    2 january 2020 23:35 2281

    Great advice thanks man read through all of it, very useful for new comers.

    5 january 2020 11:22 2281

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