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    I find the most useful way to earn SG is the games section, but that's because I like playing game and I do it very often.. Well back to the subject. 1. The games section. In the games section there is a lot of different games you can choose. For an example there is War Thunder. In that quest you have to get 5 wins. It's easy and fast to earn 5 wins, so if you like to play games try it out! 2. Daily logins Every day you can get a free chest from having "gamehag.com" in your name on steam, and a special logo. You can also get a weekly chest, and a monthly chest where you have to earn 1000 SG to open it. 3. Articles If you like writing you should go to the Articles section, where you can write articles about games. It's harder than the others but often gives you more if your good at it. If you have any good tips and tricks to get SG fast, then leave it in the comments so other people can see them.

    25 december 2019 09:05 1628

    Thanks for the information! That helps a lot!

    25 december 2019 09:06 1628


    25 december 2019 10:27 1628

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