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    I am here for less then 3 hours and tried multiple time to solve issues. right now the best way is to contact misty since all my support tickets where ignored. But there are still problems. For example i was waiting over a week for 2 paysafe cards and a m8 revolver skin from a case. After contacting misty the cards were available, the revolver is removed and i got a 0 gems reward for this refused reward. That is several days ago again, so i am curious if/when i get that skin. Anyway, anyone else had any experiences with the support or misty ? maybe some more pleasent, faster solved problems ?

    24 august 2017 20:00 1628

    The support is very nice, she/he will answer every of questions in approximately 5-48 hours. And she/he is being nice to everyone. 😋

    24 august 2017 22:23 1628

    yup, they are friendly indeed, also misty answeres fast, but the problem solving is quite an issue 😂

    24 august 2017 22:43 1628

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