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    War Thunder

    (4.39/5) 13228 rates

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    For 4 tasks

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    This game is really good but the starting is really hard...

    This game is really good, but many players can think it's bad cuz of hard starts...Bad planes without any upgrades, you can't hit anything with that bad aim speed. But after a time it's going better and better and fun begins!

    21 december 2019 18:45 11

    The start is really the easiest to win, though.... At the beggining, most of the matches are against bots. I do agree that stock planes (without any upgrades) sucks, but at tier I and II you can max a plane after four or five matches. Plus, as you get better planes, the repair costs are horribly high and you can get really clubbed by more experienced players or premium planes. However, it is really a good game. I am actually rank 5 in american and japanese planes and the most funnier tiers are the II and III.

    24 december 2019 19:04 11

    Repair is automatic isn't it ? And aim is getting better by your crew, so in start you can't hit almost anything. But I agree with start is easy, you win almost all games and first task is insantly completed. I did all the tasks already so I don't care anymore and playing other games I like :). Btw I don't even know repair cost something cuz it has short cd and after it you get it back.

    24 december 2019 19:07 11

    You only need to worry about repair costs in tier III and above. The costs for jets are absurdly high. Word of advice to anyone who intends to keep playing WT: Just level up your crew repair level, disable auto-repair and circle your planes/tanks/ships. I disagree a little bit on not being able to hit anything because crew level, unless you are talking about gunners. Just mind the lead indicator, ping, packet loss and caliber of your gun (for example: japanese low caliber guns are realy crappy. the A6M* 20mm cannons are decent but the ammo is really low. Amurican 50cals absolutely shred anything, even if this country planes turns like bricks). I have played this game since 4 or 5 years ago (with some hiatus here and there).

    29 december 2019 23:36 11

    @Veki0806 The question is if you registrate through the link of Gamehag and created a new account with it :).

    1 january 2020 16:16 11

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