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    My Level reset? Why is this happening?

    Help meeeeeeee

    21 december 2019 14:49 1628

    When your comments get removed, you lose the XP they used to give you, which makes you lose your level.

    21 december 2019 14:51 1628

    someone report your comment

    21 december 2019 15:33 1628

    Resetting levels happen when someone reports your comment, those reported comments are being readen by moderators of Gamehag. When you report someone for spamming (must have a good reason to report) you get 1 soul gem for reporting spam. If you lose your level, you probably spammed someone else's topic or something else...

    24 december 2019 15:35 1628

    You propably spammed and you got reported :). But it can be worse and you can get banned. So it's not really worth it. Btw you can't spam even in topics which was created for it, cuz they are not alowed to do that ❌.

    24 december 2019 17:16 1628

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