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    Hello you want to get a lot of SG but you don't know how ? I will help you

    First is daily login you can get bonuses for your login try to opend site or ap every day 2 get free chest you can get free chest steam chest with sg and runes Week chest with runes And mounth chest with games but you nead to colect 1000 sg to opend it. You can sell runes for 1 gems . 3 use app zone in a day you can get 100 gems with app zone in 10 days you can get 1000 gems and opend mount chest if you are fast and have time you can do this i 1h and get 100 gems Complete easy task like quiz like a page or login to

    21 december 2019 14:25 1628

    How do i earn fast 1000 gems? I can't really download anything and the games that are on websites don't really work for me ? Also i don't really understood what you said

    21 december 2019 14:31 1628

    You can earn 100 sg per day by watching ads or make a good article and you will earn 1000 but if you spam or is not a good article you will not get sg

    21 december 2019 14:40 1628

    how can you watch 100 ads per day?It took more than 3 hour

    21 december 2019 15:46 1628

    No he take only 1 hour but you nead to farm sg sit down play a ad and make something play on pc look at tv or something i doo this very fast a

    21 december 2019 16:01 1628

    How do I make article to get sg and what the stip in making a good article.

    21 december 2019 17:02 1628

    How teach me because i want soul gem

    21 december 2019 17:03 1628

    😒😒😒😒hiç birşey anlamadım

    21 december 2019 17:21 1628

    thank you this is very helpful ;D

    21 december 2019 17:23 1628

    just use appzone

    21 december 2019 18:54 1628

    i need exp im lvl 2 on 93% but i dont get any exp anymore

    21 december 2019 19:34 1628

    please give me 400 gem name ikyue

    25 december 2019 02:43 1628

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