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    Anything Good From Chests?

    Has anyone gotten anything good from chests? I seem to only get like 10 soul gems. Maybe I am just unlucky.

    21 december 2019 02:17 1628

    The chests are never the best way to get stuff. Its a waste.

    26 december 2019 23:42 1628

    I only got random stem keys and they are never really good, so no.

    26 december 2019 23:53 1628

    So far I only got runes from them. I'm sure you can get something good from there but the odds are extremely low. We don't know what are the odds but hopefully one day you will win a decent price. Keep trying and hope for the best I guess...

    27 december 2019 00:17 1628

    The chanses of a good thing from a chest are low, but if you are lucky enough, you can get good things, so good luck. :)

    27 december 2019 13:33 1628

    chests are pretty bad they are like the russian roulette or whatever its called

    27 december 2019 14:08 1628

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