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    Not receiving my rewards,

    Yesterday i have bought around 6 or 5 things on this account, appartently when i try to redeem it says: "There was an error while sending, please try again later" on every reward, thank you Gamehag very epic.. To specificy it is R$ , on the first reward and the biggest payout i joined a group and waited a day and nothing, when i tried all of my other rewards again... There was an error while sending, please try again later.Please help me as i spent too much time trying to get SG to aqquire this reward, please don't tell me i haven't wasted a month.

    20 december 2019 11:18 1628

    ask on their discord and maybe you could get help from there

    20 december 2019 11:53 1628

    I was able to redeem rewards yesterday without any problem... I don't know what you were trying to redeem, but I know Walmart has been having issues with it's gift card system, if that helps

    20 december 2019 16:29 1628

    it should work now

    20 december 2019 16:48 1628

    Thank you guys, i'll try it.

    20 december 2019 19:10 1628

    i was having the same problems

    20 december 2019 19:29 1628

    if its robux you've brought, it could happen that they ran out of stock, but dont worry they restock often, and if you're in doubt, you could try ask misty (site support) about how the supply is looking or any other trouble fixing.

    20 october 2020 21:18 1628

    The easy way to solve your problem is to ask Misty for help.

    21 october 2020 08:30 1628

    me too i haven't got any reward

    21 october 2020 14:04 1628

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