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    Let's talk about Fyber Mobiles

    Support for contracts (Fyber Mobiles) are responsible for helping you in getting your soul gems when you don't get them automatickly. But it has a problem and that is they are not answering...They are not doing anything to help you and their rating is that low, so if raters could give zero star they would have 0 rating...Gamehag should do something with this and find someone who is going to be better.

    18 december 2019 21:24 1628

    Well, I only didnt get gems once from their contracts, and when I contacted them, I got my gems in less than 3 days, so I can't really share your opinion.

    18 december 2019 21:28 1628

    They are answering just a few people...Look at the ratings...It's 1,4 star less but it would be less than 1 star if they could put zero. It's sad but they didn't answered me once. Not much players is happy what Gamehag did to don't have to care about these contract and to make responsibility on others...But on bad 1. You are 1 of the lucky ones, who got it :).

    18 december 2019 21:31 1628

    Good job welldone.....I would love to see more of this

    18 december 2019 21:59 1628

    Good job i like this

    18 december 2019 23:30 1628

    fyber offers are legit. I get gems for completing android contracts(games). It definetily takes time but it's worth it but try to complete it on time, your'r offer will be accepted after 12-24 hours .

    4 july 2020 11:25 1628

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