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    War Thunder

    (4.39/5) 13219 rates

    Play and get

    2500 5500
    Soul Gems

    For 4 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    List of in-game tasks for War Thunder

    Seeing this get asked quite a few times, here's the list:
    1. Win 5 battles.
    2. Win 10 battles.
    3. Get 150 Golden Eagles and win 20 battles.
    The 3rd one may sound daunting, but when starting the game and get to the hangar you can see at the top right corner are a few tutorials for you to play. Just do them and you will get enough Golden Eagles.
    Small note: to win a battle your team has to destroy enough GROUND targets, so don't go around shooting enemy planes all day. Focus on those tanks and camps.
    Another one: in my experience, the starter French planes are good enough to get a decent kill rate. I tried the British ones a few times, but no dice. Maybe that's just me.

    17 december 2019 17:44 11

    Nice article btw, thanks I wasn't sure about third 1 :).

    17 december 2019 17:47 11

    To take a screenshot of your number of winning match, from the Hangar click on your name on the left side of the navbar. A pop-up containing that info should appear.

    20 december 2019 04:34 11

    Actually sounds quite easy to get all that. I've played a lot of war thunder before, so it shouldn't be difficult at all to destroy the entire enemy team 20 times.

    22 december 2019 00:48 11

    Dont like the fact that I need to make a new account for the tasks though

    23 december 2019 22:51 11

    Thank you for this, I would have found it really helpful to start doing the next challenge while my current one is being accepted, oh well, at least I have done the War Thunder challenge now. I still love the game though, suprisingly good graphics for a free game

    29 december 2019 21:34 11

    thank you for posting this I really needed to know what the 2nd and 3rd tasks were, I am currently downloading the game and very exited to play it !

    29 december 2019 22:05 11

    Thanks for the list, this is exactly the kind of information I need!

    30 december 2019 11:38 11

    i have a problem with this, i created a new account and won 5 battles and posted a full screenshot with those wins but they rejected the task so i have no idea what to do now :|

    30 december 2019 18:35 11

    You can go to Discord and ask a moderator about it, should be a lot quicker than asking Misty.

    8 january 2020 16:53 11

    how to play with steam account ?

    10 january 2020 07:55 11

    You can't. The referral link redirects you to War Thunder's main webpage, and you have to create an account on there. You can only play from Steam if you download it on Steam directly.

    10 january 2020 08:17 11

    By chance I come across my old post. Bumping this up a bit to help the new guys because I've seen a lot of task questions lately. By the way, all of @KonpakuMyon and my articles have the same title structure "List of in-game tasks for X" so you can search from the search button (the magnifying glass on the top bar) any where and it'll work.

    5 march 2020 16:59 11

    Hi fomi, I wanted to ask you if the battles won to complete the task are arcade or realistic, since the page does not specify in which way the battles must be won to win the soul gems

    8 march 2020 13:54 11

    All are okay since Gamehag only cares about the total number, not battle types.

    8 march 2020 15:27 11

    On the third task I get rejected and it says that I need to get the reward and use it in the game. I have 150+ eagles and 20 wins, why do I get rejected?

    2 october 2020 17:15 11

    I have that problem too for the third task, i think you have to buy the 150 eagles from gamehag itself suing gems

    10 october 2020 04:02 11

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