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    World of Warships - Free Premium Bonus!

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    I Watch gameplay on world of warships

    I love this game even i didnt play it

    16 december 2019 16:13 6547

    Yes me too, ships look beatiful so I can't wait to check this game out for myself!

    16 december 2019 16:31 6547

    did anyone get a notification on gamehag.com saying: "you have started a task for world of warships" after you registered? I did not even though I registered and now my task will most probably get rejected. I wonder why this keeps happening. Is it adblock? Did anyone get notification for this game?

    17 december 2019 17:19 6547

    Adblock blocks postback system. As i have been an page owner and alot of offers aproved with the notice that someone did offers with adblock so i had to serch for them and ban them adblock is part ofi

    18 december 2019 23:48 6547

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