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    Christmas Event for 2019 announced

    Link: https://webview.fate-go.us/iframe/2019/1215_underworld/

    One of the most anticipated event of year is finally upon us! Reason: UNLIMITED LOTTO WORKS. Throw every apple you have at your disposal in, and then drow in hundreds of materials and trillions of FP, QP! Too bad this time around the good farming spot is really, really hard to automate or even 3-turn without sacrificing a lot of bonus slot. Anyway, at Reddit our godsend saviors SaberofAvalon and Co. have created a guide, as usual, for us:


    Buff up your servants and get to work, masters of Chaldea!

    14 december 2019 13:18 5133

    Event has already started. Everyone should get farming ASAP because the event's only for 10 days, and really, unless you whaled hard before or have A++ luck you ain't burning through all those apples in the last 4 days waiting for best nodes to open.

    16 december 2019 17:16 5133

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