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    What scope do you prefer on AR's

    I like 2x or 3x, what do you prefer?

    14 december 2019 13:03 3272

    I use 2x on qbz, akm and m762 but 3x to 6x on others

    1 january 2020 16:35 3272

    Obviously it would be alive when it has a big corporation behind it that constantly brings updates to it, even if they may not be in the best interests of the people

    17 january 2020 15:49 3272

    just use a scope which is suitable for you . mine is red dot sight!

    18 january 2020 09:50 3272

    i use Red dot,2x and 3x,only 4x,6x and 8x on m4a16 because you can use it as a sniper too.I think 4x scope is too much for AR

    22 january 2020 18:47 3272

    I prefer a 4x scope mainly because im more longer range of a shooter.

    23 january 2020 07:34 3272

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