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    TIP: If your handle name contains special characters, write it in your screenshot

    In game, Star Conflict displays only alphanumeric characters (a-zA-Z0-9), but if you create your account on their website you will be able to use characters like _. In my case, I created an account using the handle fomi__gamehag, but upon logging in I saw that my display name is now fomigamehag. So when I take a screenshot for submitting results, Gamehag verification staff was unable to track down that handle name. I had to use Paint to write my real name on the screenshot and sent it back, which solved the issue. If anyone out there get your task rejected because "Something went wrong", check your handle name to see if there are any problem like me.

    14 december 2019 09:40 41

    same thing happened with soul caliber though

    23 december 2019 22:42 41

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