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    UFG tutorial help

    does anyone know what the UFG tutorial is? for the last task it says to complete the UFG tutorial but i dont know whAT that is :/

    11 december 2019 20:39 4291

    same, what is the ufg tutorial? if anyone know, help us

    12 september 2020 03:54 4291

    I don´t know the exact answer, but my task was accepted after I got Asuna and learned how to auto-fight (I took a screenshot when Yui says "Okay, the guide is done. Now you´re on your own") . Search the answers of Aonb in the thread "THE PROBLEM WITH THE THIRD TASK AND ITS FEASIBILITY" of the forum for a better anwer. Good luck!😄

    14 september 2020 02:53 4291

    i saw these tutorial as help because it was really explainable

    17 september 2020 15:52 4291

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