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    IMVU vs Second Life?

    Hello! as someone who has played IMVU during most of my childhood, I came across this game. I wonder, is this game better than IMVU? I have the impression that they are both similar, but unsure. I'd like to get an opinion before I dive in to try it out for myself. Thank you!

    10 december 2019 23:59 5190

    Wow I have not heard of that game in a long time.. I personally was always a bigger fan of SL then IMVU..

    17 december 2019 19:57 5190

    I personally think SL is better, good call on the IMVU though not such a dramatic difference i guess

    5 january 2020 09:45 5190

    I think it's better Imbo has more options and everything is clear compared to a second life

    6 january 2020 10:54 5190

    whel i think this game is nice when

    7 january 2020 13:44 5190

    imma be honest i heard of this game a lot but idk if its even good

    7 january 2020 16:40 5190

    Same here,there were ads everywhere for this game

    7 january 2020 23:17 5190

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