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    wtf kinda name for a game is this

    Does this game have something unique to it or is it a regular game like everything else?
    When it was released and which thirsty developer do you know the game?
    How old is it since it was launched?
    And in what year was it launched?

    26 september 2019 17:33 30

    Game hag recommends this game and if so then and if not this comment doesn't make much sense

    26 september 2019 17:34 30

    Game hag ne recomanda acest joc si daca da atunci dece si daca nu comentariul acesta nu prea are sens

    26 september 2019 17:35 30

    Unele jocuri au sens isar unele nu acest joc in ce categorie ar putea fi pus in prima sau adoua in cea cu sens sau in ces fara saens?

    26 september 2019 17:37 30

    Hello Ineed

    23 february 2020 00:49 30

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