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    Is the site legit?

    Does it really give you the rewards? I have not yet experience since I am level 2. But I hope to experience claiming a reward soon! Share your first impressions of this site when you first found it!

    21 august 2017 09:31 1628

    Yes,but it takes a bit of time to get the reqard that you want.FYI don't buy chests

    21 august 2017 11:01 1628

    Yes it is

    21 august 2017 11:14 1628

    For the people saying the site is legit, do you get to redeem a price for SG?? Most people say, "Oh I got 700 gems this week, so the site is legit fo'sho" But I don't see anyone, ANYONE saying "I exchanged 3000 gems for steam wallet" or "I redeem a 2000 gem game" At this moment I don't know if it is not a complete scam.....

    21 august 2017 15:04 1628

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