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    Game: Star Stable Online Game size: 160 MB Tasks at: lvl4/lvl5/lvl6 Account creation: Simple, use a new email if previously played. No payments required. No not pay for extras as completion is easy enough without them. Starting tips: Easy game, made for children but the controls can feel a little clunky or frustrating. Start with the Bobcats quest line can help you get a riding jacket that boosts your stats. The Blacksmith's questline is fast and can award a good chunk of XP for getting your levels. Follow whichever quests come your way and simply try to complete them as quickly as possible. About the game: A fantasy island where horses are part of the economy and culture. A prophecy tells of a heroic horsewoman who will save the island in a time of need - with your sudden appearance and the looming threat from the developers seeking to turn it into a resort, can you fulfill that role? Things to keep in mind: It appears that the quests award more XP as the quest lines progress, so sticking with one before moving on to another seems to help. When you log out, you will lose all active quests! However, it does not lose your progress in the questline. So while it doesn't hurt to grab as many quests at once, keep in mind you will have to do them again if you don't get it in the one session of play. The "X" button will dismount you, and you will need to do that to dismount

    2 december 2019 05:34 1430

    Also to note - when I took my screenshots, I would type "This is the account of XXXXXXX" to show that this was my account and prevent it from getting rejected. Not sure if it helped or not, but none of mine were rejected at least.

    2 december 2019 05:38 1430

    So to write it in a way star stable is a good game I love playing her with my cousin she loves horses so she could give her life for them

    2 december 2019 15:04 1430

    And I bought two new horses there, and i have a mega lot of her cousin's name is Sofia, and some friend leaves her with their bill so she takes care of their horses. And I bought two new horses there,

    2 december 2019 15:06 1430

    Jebhsvdhehsvsidbdidiehdiwbbsisbsushus hshshshsbsuzhzhxvdjshshsjshsugduvdjddg

    2 december 2019 20:00 1430

    I have lvl 18 and my task for a reward was canceled, I need to be only like lvl 6?

    17 december 2019 16:43 1430

    Thanks for the tips, it really just helped me a lot. I'm already lvl 4 😃

    26 december 2019 08:32 1430

    thank you so much. you saved me lots of time. Whis u all a happy New Yearl to all

    27 december 2019 05:30 1430

    Is this game have a tasks to COMPLETE ?

    27 december 2019 14:10 1430

    It is not possible to reach level 6.
    There are simply no more quest to complete. I increased my reputation in the available locations but no new quests appeared.
    Most locations are locked behind paywall.

    15 january 2020 09:06 1430

    I must admit this game is a guilty pleasure for me. At 1st I found the controls hard but once I got used to that I actually enjoy the game.

    17 january 2020 15:16 1430

    You can also get more quests when you raise your xp by completing the blue tasks in your event folder, like cleaning and feeding the horses. Races are good too.

    18 january 2020 06:05 1430

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