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    Do you guys like the p-51?

    I love the p-51 tell me how you guys enjoy it.!!

    1 december 2019 23:09 11

    Its a good plane but a lot of people dont know how to fly it

    23 december 2019 22:44 11

    when not having the engine upgrade, this plane is utterly trash. After getting all the performance upgrades, it is at least playable. Although stock planes suck in general, I think that the P-51 is specially bad, wich high repair costs and being really subpar when not upgraded and grindy upgrades. I think that the p-47 is much better and fun I can easily get 10+ kills in one match with the thunderbolt.

    29 december 2019 21:29 11

    i honestly hate it

    2 january 2020 20:17 11

    ehh, its sluggish

    6 january 2020 01:19 11


    11 january 2020 01:26 11

    it is a little bit ugly tbh

    11 january 2020 16:58 11

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