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    Registering a new account for the game.

    So it seems all of my attempts to get a new account registered have failed, but I want to see if I am at least doing things right. Anyone who has successfully had a task screenshot accepted, how did you register your account? After clicking the Play for Free button, did you click on the "Play" button on the game's website which I think leads to the download page and register there, or did you click on the accounts button in the upper right of the page that we are redirected to?

    1 december 2019 02:20 3433

    Its a good question. I did the same. Downloaded the game and registered there...but it was rejected. So i clicked the account and made a new one. Currently im waiting for the accept but i feel like its going to reject again...So HOW should i register? :D "It seems like you haven't registered a NEW account in the game" (I never played this game before...AND my account is lvl 2 :D so i dont think its an old account....lvl 2 is intro+2bot game)

    1 december 2019 12:49 3433

    Any update Creeto?

    5 december 2019 21:13 3433

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